First Proposal

As some of you already know, I’m doing my dissertation on asexual publishing, as part of the academic requirements for completion of my MA in Publishing at Oxford Brookes University (one of the leading courses on publishing in the UK 😉 ).

I decided I will blog everything I can on it, in order to get as most feedback as possible, both from inside and outside the asexual community. All comments are welcome.

This is what I submitted today in order to register for the research methods seminar:

Provisional Title:

Asexual Publishing: Does it Make Sense?

Brief Synopsis (c.100 words)

Asexuality as a sexual orientation is still poorly known. It is an identity in the making. However, the asexual community is growing by the hour: Besides the 21,000 English-speaking members, the community interacts in other 15 languages and is fighting to see itself represented in a society where sex is mainstream. Publishing, as influential and powerful media, would play an important role in this quest for visibility. This dissertation aims to provide a framework for publishers to determine if asexuality is a profitable subject for new editorial proposals.

Research Objectives (add more points if necessary)

  • To determine the different audiences for asexuality-related publications
  • To determine the size of a market for asexuality-related publications
  • To determine types of content that can be considered asexual content
  • To compile a list of past popular publications that could be considered asexual but that have not been labeled as such

What resources and/or skills do I need to complete this work?

Constant and open communication with members of the asexual community, through a) the official website and, if required, b) assistance to some of the regular asexual meetings currently held in London and in other parts of the UK.

Organisation skills are also necessary to be able to categorize the different kinds of suitable readerships among both inside and outside the asexual community.

What are my motivations for doing this dissertation?

I identify myself as asexual and personally understand the need for asexual representations in popular culture.