What’s in a kiss?

It just hit me.

I had never thought it like this, but I now think that, as with sex, I don’t feel like kissing random guys. I would only kiss when loving somebody, expecting a whole romantic story afterwards. Contrary to a lot of people (your average sexual person?), who will be more than willing to kiss without really wanting anything else out of it, just because kissing feels great and it is fun (what? it isn’t unless you have feelings!).

I had a very painful experience with a sexual guy. We kissed. He did it for the sake of it, and never cared about it afterwards, whereas I did it because I loved him.

I really didn’t feel the butterflies in my stomach I thought I was supposed to feel. The whole time I was thinking… Is this it? Is this all that it feels like? It was kind of weird and definitely nothing I would have done if I didn’t care for the guy I had in front of me. Turns out he could perfectly have kissed a totally random girl.

Oh my god. Could this be an expression of demi/asexuality vs. sexuality?